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Arthur Marshall is a visionary real estate developer, business consultant, and entrepreneur from Sarasota, Florida. He has over two decades of experience in business and real estate, having begun his career after retiring from the National Football League. Outside of his professional accomplishments, Marshall is also a staunch supporter of charity. He has contributed to charities such as a crucial children's nonprofit, his local bible fellowship, and volunteer organizations that feed the homeless. His hobbies include cinema, golfing, travelling, and live entertainment. Marshall co-founded indiePlanet Global in 2015 to provide clients with tailored solutions for accelerated business growth. At indiePlanet Global, he offers asset protection, business consulting, real estate development and marketing services. Alongside indiePlanet Global is its sister company iPG Business Credit. It assists businesses in accessing capital for their operations by building credit profiles and providing loans through an extensive investor network. More recently, he formed “Arthur Marshall Real Estate” to teach individuals how to become successful real estate entrepreneurs. Throughout his various endeavours, Marshall strives to succeed in all aspects of life while helping others along the way. Arthurl is an acclaimed former wide receiver who played in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and New York Giants. Highlights of his five-season professional sports career include throwing an 81-yard touchdown that set a record against the Dallas Cowboys and achieving the highest passer rating in league history. Marshall has since become a successful real estate consultant and developer, with expertise spanning over 20 years. His properties vary extensively, ranging from small patio homes to enormous mansions; likewise, he has developed buildings across Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Besides residential projects, he has also handled numerous commercial construction and land development ventures. Arthur Marshall passion for excellence on the field can trace its origins back to high school - Marshall attended Hephzibah High School in rural Richmond County, Georgia, where he was a four-sport letterman. He was awarded USA Today's High School Athlete of the Year for Georgia during his senior year; afterwards, his high school football number was retired out of respect for his remarkable performance on the field.

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