Arthur Marshall, hailing from Sarasota, Florida, is a distinguished real estate developer, astute business consultant, and entrepreneurial maven. With roots in the National Football League, where he played as a wide receiver for teams like the Denver Broncos and New York Giants, he transitioned from setting field records to establishing business and real estate benchmarks. One of his most notable sports achievements includes an 81-yard touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys, securing the highest passer rating in the NFL’s history.

Post his illustrious NFL career, Arthur’s passion redirected towards real estate, where for over two decades, he has curated an expansive portfolio of properties – from quaint patio homes to sprawling mansions across states like Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Furthermore, his ventures extend to commercial projects and land development, proving his multifaceted expertise.

In 2015, Arthur co-founded indiePlanet Global, a firm dedicated to bespoke solutions for business growth, spanning asset protection, business consulting, real estate development, and marketing services. Alongside stands iPG Business Credit, a sister company that facilitates businesses in acquiring capital through robust credit profiles and a vast investor network. His latest venture, “Arthur Marshall Real Estate,” aims at mentoring aspirants in real estate entrepreneurship.

Beyond business, Arthur’s philanthropic heart shines. He’s contributed significantly to children’s nonprofits, local bible fellowship, and organizations aiding the homeless. A man of varied interests, he relishes cinema, golf, travel, and live entertainment.

Tracing his journey back, Arthur’s excellence was evident early on at Hephzibah High School in Richmond County, Georgia. A four-sport letterman, he clinched the title of USA Today’s High School Athlete of the Year for Georgia in his senior year, leading to the retirement of his high school football number in honor of his exceptional skills. Today, Marshall embodies the spirit of perseverance, continually pushing boundaries while uplifting others.